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This site features information on our complete line of industry-leading precision optics products, including: OEM-quality replacement CO2 laser optics and nozzles, The MP-5®® ultra-low absorption focusing lens, The Variable Radius Mirror (VRM) -- also known as a deformable mirror or adaptive mirror, Scanning laser system optics for low-power applications such as marking, engraving, and via hole drilling, Information on proper cleaning and handling of CO2 laser optics, Tutorials on choosing a focusing lens, polarization, and additional topics ... and more. Questions?
Please send inquiries to info@iiviinfrared.com, or call (toll-free in the USA and Canada) 888.558.1504, or 724.352.1504.

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Laser Consumables

OEM-spec optics, nozzles, accessories

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Featured Products

MP-5®  Lenses

Ultra-low absorbing lens that ships directly from the factory as a standard OEM CO2 laser component. 


Fused Silica

Customized fused silica aspheres for direct diode and fiber or disk laser applications at powers greater than 1kW. 


Optical Materials

The world’s leading producer of  ZnS Regular and ZnS MultiSpectral materials


Diamond Turning

Global leader in diamond-turned components with facilities recognized as one of the largest and most advanced in the world.

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The II-VI Variable Radius Mirror (VRM) allows users to dynamically change their beam characteristics on the fly.


Mounting Optics

Optical assembly capability allows customers to minimize optic handling, thereby reducing risks such as damage and contamination.



Available for applications including multispectral laser optics, dielectric windows, heat sinks, and more


Scanning Laser Systems

F-theta scan lenses play a major role in today’s leading-edge laser applications.


Our Capabilites

II-VI Infrared is the largest vertically-integrated manufacturer of IR optics in the world. From growing our own optical materials through applying thin-film coatings, we assure world-class quality by controlling all aspects of the optics manufacturing process. Click on the links, below, to learn more.

Crystal Growth

World best ZnS and CVD crystal growth

Optics Fabrication

Unique techniques For Prototypes to OEM products.

Diamond turning

World Class Diamond turning facility in the world

Design Engineering

Manufacturing capabilities based on an optics foundry concept

Thin Film Coating

World leader in consistently low-absorption coatings

Optical Assemblies

Manufactures prototypes or production quantities

Press Release

Industries we serve

Industrial Lasers

Industrial laser systems for automobile, heavy machineries and all manufacturing


Laser Marking and Fine Laser Cutting for Semi Conductor Chips

Medical Applications

Lenses, mirrors, windows (detector, protective), and optical assemblies for medical imaging and laser application

Military Applications

Security, Enhanced vision system, military imaging and weapons sights

Aerospace Applications

Leader in diamond-turned components for aerospace applications

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