FiberMate - Industrial Laser Collimators

FiberMate-LogoII-VI Industrial Laser Collimators are designed to take the diverging light from a fiber cable of a high power fiber laser and provide the user with a parallel beam of light. The II-VI diffraction limited single lens design made of high quality Fused Silica or ZnS(MS) produces the highest level of beam quality along with the optimal design for limiting thermal focus shift.


  • Single lens design requires no pre-alignment or adjustment
  • All models available with water cooling
  • Superior optical design and materials to preserve beam quality and limit thermal focus shift
  • Compact and lightweight design
Part Description Diameter (mm) Focal Length (mm)
ILC-D25-F60 25 60
ILC-D25-F75 25 75
ILC-D25-F85 25 85
ILC-D50-F100 50 100
ILC-D50-F120 50 120
ILC-D50-F160 50 160
ILC-D50-F200 50 200

* Custom focal lengths available upon request
* Custom Asymmetric and Axicon Collimators available upon request