Thin-Film Polarizers

Thin Film Polarizers (TFPs) can split a laser beam into two parts with orthogonal polarizations. Conversely, TFPs can be used to combine two beams with orthogonal polarizations. TFPs consist of a coated plate, which is oriented at Brewster’s angle with respect to the incoming beam. The thin-film coating serves to enhance the beam’s s-polarized reflectivity, while maintaining the p-polarized component’s high transmission

Below is a TFP schematic splitting an unpolarized input beam into s-polarized and p-polarized components:

TFP schematic splitting The standard TFP reflects the s-polarized beam at Brewster’s angle; for those applications which require a 90° separation between the s-polarized and p-polarized beams, our optional turning mirror can be added.

II-VI offers both ZnSe and Ge TFPs. II-VI can design TFP coatings for wavelengths other than 10.6 microns, and formulations for other materials to meet your requirements. Contact a II-VI sales representative to discuss.

Reflection vs. Wavelength
Reflection vs. Wavelength