Two-Axis Turning

All of our two-axis lathes are CNC controlled with positional resolution of 0.016-8.6nm. Our largest format lathe is the Nanoform 700, which is capable of producing on-axis parts up to 700mm (28 inches) in diameter and weighing up to 250 pounds. The Nanoform 700 is capable of surface finishes of less than 20 Angstroms RMS and figure accuracies of λ/6 peak-to-valley at 0.6328µm. Products include:

  • Prototype and high-volume products
  • Parabolic beam focusing optics
  • Spherical mirrors for laser cavities
  • Aspheric focusing lenses
  • Telecentric lenses for micro-via drilling
  • Reflective beam expanders
  • Reflective telescopes and seeker/sensor optics
  • Lens arrays

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