Diamond Turning Capabilities


II-VI Diamond Turning is an industry leader providing diamond-turned and ultra-precision machined components for commercial, medical, military, and aerospace industries. Our facility is recognized as one of the largest and most advanced in the world, offering a wide range of capabilities including:

  • Flycutting of plano and cylindrical optics
  • Two-axis turning—up to 700mm-diameter capacity
  • Fast Tool Servo for non-rotationally symmetric geometries
  • Slow Tool Servo for extended range, non-rotationally symmetric geometries
  • 4-axis turning - up to 700mm-diameter capacity (X,Z,B, & θ)
  • Micro-milling and micro-grinding
  • Dedicated cleaning facilities
  • Supported by II-VI Infrared thin-film coating, design and assembly capabilities

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New Product

DOC/AR ZnSe CNC Polished Ni-Plated Mirrors Polygon Scanning Mirrors

Mold Inserts

Example mold insert made out of aluminum.  The lenslets have a diameter of 290 microns and slope of 30°.  Other common mold insert materials include brass and nickel-plated steel.

Beam Shaping Optics
Freeform Optics
Lens Arrays
Laser Diode Array Optics
Precision Machining
Polygons & Laser Scanning Systems
CO2 Laser Optics
1Micron Laser Optics
Variable Radius Mirrors
Thermal Imaging



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