Freeform Turning


Non-rotationally symmetric geometries are now possible through the utilization of fast and slow tool servo technologies. 

Up to 70µm of departure from rotational symmetry can be realized using a piezoelectric fast-tool device. Fast tool servo processes are capable of producing RMS surface roughness less than 50 angstroms and figure accuracy less than 0.2µm peak-to-valley.

For non-rotational symmetry greater than 70µm, slow tool servo technology is applicable. Components with departure of 3mm have been successfully diamond turned at II-VI. RMS surface roughness less than 100 angstroms and figure accuracy less than 0.2µm have been realized using slow tool servo technology.

II-VI Diamond Turning has successfully integrated FTS and STS technologies simultaneously. This enables us to machine multiple geometries onto a single optical surface.

Products include:

  • Toroidal lenses and mirrors
  • Off-axis conics and aspheres, working distances >300mm to infinity
  • Spheric or aspheric cylindrical lenses and mirrors
  • Ring focusing lens and mirrors
  • Micro-lens and micro-cylindrical lens arrays
  • Free-form wavefront correctors
  • Reflective and transmissive multifaceted beam integrators
  • Lens arrays

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