Optical Design & Engineering

Engineer performing CFD analysis on forced gas cooled scan lens.


II-VI Infrared engineering services is dedicated to working collaboratively with our customers to provide innovative engineering solutions for our customer’s projects and products. By leveraging our manufacturing processes and testing capabilities, II-VI Infrared engineering incorporates cost effective manufacturing into optical components and opto-mechanical assembly designs, providing quick turn-a-round time for prototyping and supporting volume production.
Our experienced and highly motivated engineering team utilizes various engineering and design/analysis tools to provide our customers with the assurance that their product will perform above and beyond specifications and reduce risk. In collaborating with our customers and II-VI Infrared manufacturing engineers we are committed to addressing our customer’s needs.


Engineering tools:


  • Zemax
  • OSLO
  • Fred


  • PTC CREO-3D modeling
  • PTC CREO Simulate-Thermal/Structural
  • PTC CREO Mechanism
  • PTC MathCad
  • Zemax LensMechanix
  • Ansys-Thermal/Structural/CFD


  • CST Suite

II-VI Infrared provides engineering solutions for a wide range of optical and opto-mechanical components. Our engineering staff assists our customer’s on optical and mechanical material selections, optical simulations and design, coating design and mechanical design and mechanical simulations. We collaborate with our customers to provide innovative and economical solutions.


Thermal imaging lens ray-trace using Zmax.