Optical Design & Engineering

A II-VI Infrared engineer working with CAD software, Pro/ENGINEER®, and rendering a 3D model of one of II-VI’s optical assemblies. II-VI Infrared’s manufacturing capabilities are based on an optics foundry concept. Our aim is to provide the best product quality and customer service.Our corporate optical design and engineering group supports our customers in:

  • Defining their product needs so the component we deliver will work in its given applications
  • Reducing customer risk by drawing from our extensive experience for supplying CO2 laser components
  • Interpreting common electronic drawing formats and optical design prescriptions in Code V™, Zemax®, and OSLO®

By using design capabilities to verify the customer product design, II-VI Infrared produces the internal documentation, tooling, and processes to make a component. This is done so that designs received from all over the world are communicated to the shop floor in consistent formats that are familiar to our opticians and quality personnel.

A four-element scan lens with debris window (in green) showing galvo mirror locations and the ray trace using OSLO® lens design software.

A heat transfer analysis performed on a zinc sulfide lens, using the finite element analysis software package, Pro/MECHANICA®.

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