Optics Fabrication

Finished optics manufacturing requires unique techniques coupled with precision-machining and fabrication. II-VI’s Saxonburg plant has provided optical fabrication capabilities to our customers since 1971. On average, our operators have 15 years of optical fabrication experience. Although we specialize in build-to-print work, our state-of-the-art equipment enables production ranging from prototypes to OEM products. 
Our production facilities in Saxonburg, Singapore, and Suzhou are custom designed for grinding and polishing infrared optics. 
The finished products produced in our facilities include windows, lenses, prisms, modulators, waveplates, mirrors, beamsplitters, and cylinders. In addition to finished optics, we also produce generated, core-drilled, and sufficient material to yield (SMTY) blanks.
The blanking and grinding department is capable of shaping and machining varieties of optical materials and geometries. To achieve our customer’s requirements, II-VI’s skilled technicians utilize computer numeric controlled (CNC) shaping and precision-curve generating equipment.
Polishing is performed on numerous materials and configurations. Opticians utilize the following methods to polish optics: CNC high-speed polishing, double-sided polishing, conventional-spindle polishing, and cylinder polishing.