Thin-Film Coating

II-VI is the recognized leader in designing and producing consistently low-absorption coatings for high-power CO2 laser optics. Our thin-film coating facility completes our vertically integrated component capability to allow optical fabrication, diamond-turning, and coating to be performed at the same location. Having a combined 170 years of experience, the II-VI coating department staff offers a broad coating range for CO2 laser and infrared imaging applications.










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A coating technician reviews the coating process.
A II-VI Infrared cleaning technician inspects parts after the coating process.


We offer both high-reflective and transmission type coatings for all beam delivery applications.Reflective Coatings

  • MMR: our highest-reflection bend mirror coatings
  • ATFR: minimizes laser feedback
  • RPR: controls polarization and provides precision phase shift
    • 90º
    • 45º
    • 22.5º
  • TRZ: maintains incident polarization

Our AR coatings provide consistently low absorption and reflection to meet the high-power CO2 laser application needs demanded by OEM and aftermarket users.

  • AR coatings available
    • CO2 (CW)
    • CO2 pulsed
    • Dual wavelength
    • Dichroic
    • Ultra-low absorption MP-5®®
  • Other custom wavelengths
    • Thin-Film Polarizer (TFP)
    • Dichroic beamsplitters
    • Other beamsplitters


  • ZnSe
  • Ge
  • GaAs

Our consistent, low-absorbing coatings offer a wide wavelength range and reflection values for 0.25 to 10 inch part diameters. These parts are available in OEM volumes to custom one of a kind.

  • 5 to 98% reflective (standard)
    • CW
    • Pulsed
    • Ultra-low absorption MP-5®®
    • Band-selective*
    • Rear Mirrors
Our all-dielectric coatings for high reflection, low absorption with controlled transmission are used in laser power monitoring.
  • 99 to 99.85% R (partial)
    • ZnSe
    • Ge
    • GaAs
II-VI also offers coatings for low-absorption total reflectors.
  • Total reflective coating
    • MMR and MMR-A (total)
      • Si
      • Cu
  • Band-selective coating*
    • Stable resonator
      • ZnSe
      • Ge
      • GaAs
    • Unstable
      • Si
      • Cu

Our low-absorption coated intercavity mirrors are used to increase laser power or if desired, as polarization locking mirrors.

  • PLM
  • EG
Coating chambers at our Saxonburg facility.
Coating chambers at our Saxonburg facility.

*Specialized coatings designed to help force the laser cavity to lase at a desired wavelength band. Reflection and wavelength values are available in a wide range.

The Quality Difference

    • Custom-designed, state-of-the-art coating equipment in our high-volume infrared coating shops in Saxonburg and Singapore provide maximum OEM production capacity
    • Recognized as a quality supplier for coat-only services, custom thin-film designs, and military/aerospace defense services
    • Manufactures to the customers’ highest quality standards in performance, testing, and cosmetic requirements
    • Prototype coating designs, custom optical tooling, cleaning services
    • Automated computer and electronic controls for consistent and repeatable process monitoring
    • Clean room manufacturing (class 1,000 to 10,000), 12,000 sq. ft. area
    • Established practice in “Make It the Same,” to assure a consistent quality product regardless of where it is manufactured
    • II-VI provides a broad coating range for laser and infrared imaging applications:
    • Coatings on optics up to 16” in diameter
    • Coatings for wavelengths from the visible to infrared (.45 to 25 µm)
    • Custom coating design
    • High-efficiency broadband anti-reflective coatings
    • High-damage threshold low-absorption laser coatings
    • Very high-reflectivity mirror coatings
    • Broadband beamsplitter coatings
    • Substrates:
    • zinc selenide
    • zinc sulfide
    • zinc sulfide MultiSpectral
    • germanium
    • gallium arsenide
    • silicon
    • copper
    • aluminum
    • amtir
    • fused silica
    • silicon carbide
    • beryllium
    • molybdenum
    • other infrared transmitting materials

  • Optical tooling designs to hold most complex optical shapes and fixtures
  • MilSpec testing capabilities with additional internal stringent testing to meet most durability requirements
  • Customized coatings to meet customer needs and demands