Dr. Carl J. Johnson, II-VI Incorporated’s co-founder

In 1971, II-VI Incorporated began by exclusively producing the highest-quality cadmium telluride (CdTe) material available for manufacturing high-power industrial CO2 laser optics. Today, we have diversified into producing zinc selenide (ZnSe) material, as well as into numerous business units including laser tools for materials processing (HIGHYAG); near-infrared optics, YAG components, and telecommunications components (VLOC); fiber optics, projection and display optics, DPSS laser, crystal materials, and other photonics products (Photop); defense and aerospace optics (Exotic Electro-Optics); tellurium and selenium products (PRM); thermoelectric cooling devices (Marlow Industries); silicon carbide (II-VI WBG); advanced materials development (II-VI AMDC) and Active Optical Products(II-VI Laser Enterprise). Given this diversity of II-VI Incorporated's business units, we have thus christened our original IR materials and optics business unit II-VI Infrared. As II-VI Incorporated continues to grow, II-VI Infrared focuses on the company’s original, industry-leading products: infrared and CO2 laser optics and materials. And thanks to decades of innovation in ZnSe and zinc sulfide (ZnS) materials processing, thin-film coating, precision diamond-turning, and finished optics fabrication, II-VI Infrared is the world leader in CO2 laser optics, delivering an unbeatable combination of innovation, quality, and experience. II-VI Infrared also delivers the largest vertically integrated CO2 laser optics manufacturing process -- from raw materials to finished coated products -- in the world.


Francis J. Kramer, II-VI Incorporated’s Chairman(Right),
Vincent D. (Chuck) Mattera, Jr., II-VI Incorporated’s CEO(Left)

An optics foundry to CO2 laser original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) the world over, consistently building optics to spec with consistent performance and quality, II-VI Infrared’s products range from replacement CO2 laser optics and nozzles to lenses, partial reflectors, windows, beamsplitters, mirrors, beam expanders, reflective phase retarders, scanning-laser system optics, diamond-turned custom optics, and more. Our products and reputation make us the number-one supplier to OEMs of CO2 laser systems worldwide, while our capabilities are without rival in the industry.

Our diamond-turning facility is among the largest and most advanced in the world, offering services such as flycutting and multiple-axis turning, as well as fast and slow tool servos for custom optics. Single-point diamond-turning is used in finishing transmissive optics and mirrors in a variety of metals and IR materials.

Major investments in computer design programs, thin film evaporation equipment, clean rooms, and QA testing facilities enable us to offer a broad range of IR thin-film coatings. II-VI Infrared is known for designing and producing consistently low-absorption coatings for high-power CO2 laser optics. Additionally, our talented and experienced engineering team, using optical design software and CAD systems, designs and builds standard and custom optics as well as specialized mounts, components, and electro-optic assemblies.

Our quality assurance program includes comprehensive testing, documentation, and statistical analysis to ensure that each optic and component performs to customer requirements.

This website provides a comprehensive overview of our capabilities, products, and services. For additional information, contact a II-VI Infrared sales and support representative.